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We create powerful brand strategies and the tools to deliver them.

Online and in print we deliver value by aligning brand strategy and the delivery of marketing collateral creating well-managed and effective marketing projects for budgets of all sizes.

  • Value position & brand strategy

    We design brand strategies with marketing plans to achieve your aims.


    Creative ideas and technical delivery for cohesive brand delivery.

  • Achieve Business growth

    We can help you achieve growth through branded business development.

  • Consistent & efficient

    Efficient: Devise strategy and managing delivery under one roof.

OUR SERVICE (and pricing) is SUITABLE For small, medium and large
Businesses alike.

We find that the needs of businesses do vary based on their relative size. Find out what we can offer you.

To build a Brand as a business, you need company values not necessarily company value.


  • brand value positioning
  • Market research & viability
  • online digital strategy
  • values, experiences & customers

creative & Technical services

What are you saying? Who are you saying it to? How are you saying it? Why are you saying it?

Curly Cottage Brand Designers

These four, seemingly simple, questions are fundamental to the way we approach marketing activity and therefore brand.

We are always communicating something to someone with a desired effect. Before we get stuck in building websites or designing logos, we need to answer these questions.

Doing so enables us to truly understand what the brand you are creating needs to achieve and how its going to do that.

We are then in a strong position to commission further strategy, creative and technical work to achieve our aim.

Brand design is both as simple and as complex as identifying just what you want to say.

Curly Cottage Media is run by Richard. You can read his personal blog at Richardesigns.

Curly Cottage Brand Design
Curly Cottage Brand Design